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Imposter Syndrome

Chances are you’ve heard of Imposter Syndrome- you know, that feeling that people are somehow misinformed when they tell you how great you are? It might look or sound like this:

*“They think I’m great, if only they knew…”

*"That wasn’t really me, I just got lucky”

*“Yea, but I had to work 5x’s harder to get here than anyone else would’ve…”

*Fear of failing and the shame that accompanies it

*Fear of succeeding and the increased responsibilities that may come with promotion (believing that you aren’t actually capable of meeting the new expectations because you believed you weren’t good enough to begin with)

Sound Familiar?

Try this: take a few slow, deep breaths, and think about an accomplishment. Something that you know you’ve accomplished or something someone has told you you’ve done well at. Write down all the steps it took you to get there- try to be as objective as possible. Now, imagine your best friend did all of that. What would you tell them? Did they just get lucky? Are they mediocre despite that accomplishment? NO WAY.

I imagine you’d tell them they KILLED IT. That they’re awesome. They deserve that promotion or Internship or A+ or First place in the competition because they worked hard and have natural abilities that got them there.

So. Do. You. Hold space today for the knowledge that you don’t have to be the best at everything to be extraordinary, talented, and deserving of praise. You are all of that and have worked your butt off to get here. You’ve got this 🙌

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