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Couples Question

How often do you discuss your needs with your partner? How about your values?

We need more than air, food, and water. We need compassion, understanding, trust, communication, creativity, passion, and the list goes on. Those needs also tell us about and correlate to our values: openness, privacy, loyalty, security, dignity, family, justice, peace, etc.

✨️Our needs and values are constantly interacting with our partner's✨️

We often feel compelled to meet our needs without having the insight to connect that need to our values or the tools to communicate those needs with our partner(s).

Fun activity: Identify some of your values, top 5 if you can (it's hard to pare it down!). See if that offers you any insight into your own needs and habits. That could become a stepping stone into some vulnerable conversations with the trusted people around you.

You've got this🌻

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